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Why Alex21?

Our Organisation is named after a young refugee, Alexandra, who unintentionally initiated the groups' formation by bringing together a collective of strangers to aid a tough situation.

We are united

Alex21 is an initiative of international journalists, donors, and Ukrainian as well as Russian and Belorussian civilians who are all united in the mission to provide aid inside of the Ukraine. ⁣

Our team

With team members in the US, Germany, Spain, Ukraine and Poland, our international collective gathers hard to get supplies from all over Europe to deliver to Ukrainians in need. Including everything from tactical medical kits and tourniquets to power banks or thermals - our team works around the clock to source quality items for civilians, volunteer soldiers, and refugees of Ukraine. 

How we work

Our network of drivers, on the ground civilians, and press members all prioritize the mission of personally handling requests and donations. Alex21 may be a small team, but we get things done directly and with uttermost safety and security. ⁣Our connections within Ukraine allow us to ensure all donations are handed directly to the recipient, and our focus is on keeping a small supply chain network to secure this.  

Podcast feature 

We are delighted to have been featured over at Feierabendfunk


Our Mission

What we do

Our initiative focuses mainly on providing safe transportation of aid and evacuation of refugees, documenting and providing assistance in refugee shelters, and supplying (mainly Ukrainian) volunteers with any items they might need to help preserve life and stay safe. 

How we act
Our team takes on requests on both the individual and group level  - meaning requests come in via trusted communication channels from inside Ukraine, and are then processed by our volunteers.

Podcast feature 

We are delighted to have been featured over at Feierabendfunk

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We are united

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„Freundlichkeit ist eine Sprache, die Taube hören und Blinde lesen können”

Mark Twain


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We are delighted to have been featured in this podcast: Feierabendfunk



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